Monthly Immunization Update in the African Region 2013

Data management and quality remain one of the priority areas for the region . Efforts are currently been done to make sure that data shared are of good quality and used for action. In this line, various mechanisms have been put in place including data management and cleaning SOP’s, data cleaning programs , monthly data harmonization meetings at all level , DQS, DQA, …..The focus is at operational level where data are generated . Most countries are therefore training regional and district teams to perform DQS.

Herewith is the example of Bongor District in Chad , classified as priority district category 1, who vaccinated for the period January -August 2013 twice the number vaccinated last year for the same period. The results of the DQS showed very little difference in data between the 4 data sources used. 2 health facilities did not use tally sheets to record the vaccinations and in those , the precision of data was very low. Recommendations have been made to improve the situation