Dr Soumya Swaminathan WHO Deputy Director-General for Programmes underscored the importance of primary prevention in Congo’s health development efforts

Brazzaville, 14 December 2018 - The World Health Organization’s Deputy Director-General for Programmes, Dr Soumya Swaminathan, has underscored the importance of primary preventive health care in Congo’s health development efforts.

Dr Swaminathan who was on 2-day visit to Congo made the remarks following visits to the Terinkyo health center and the primary health hospital in Makeleke, a suburb of Brazzaville to acquaint herself with how WHO’s technical support is making an impact on people on the ground.  The Deputy Director-General for Programmes observed that most of the cases that she came across during her tour, were malaria, diarrhoea, acute respiratory infections.

“These are conditions that could be prevented with proper sanitation, potable water, use of bednets, vaccination in the case of acute respiratory infections and other preventive actions, she stressed”.  “Addressing these issues earlier upstream will avoid hospital admissions and reduce associated health costs.”.  She praised the staff at the

Speaking to reporters on universal health care, she noted that Congo can achieve this goal and she stressed WHO’s commitment to support the country to ensure that no one is left behind.

Dr Swaminathan held discussions with the Minister of health Mrs Jacqueline Mikolo and senior officials of the health ministry during which the Minister thanked WHO for its ongoing support.

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