Ebola Screening

Ebola Virus Disease Preparedness Updates-Arua

Arua District is currently stepping up its response to a possible Ebola spillover following a case that died on 30 June 2019 in Ariwara Health Zone of DRC, that is located 8 kilometres
from Uganda border. The confirmed case in Ariwara is known to have used several means of transport while en route to Ariwara and received treatment from several public and private
health facilities on the way and on arrival. The case is known to have had contact with over 200 people including many in the communities bordering Arua District.

The risk of importation of the virus into Arua is very high. Communities from the affected areas share many social services, which includes markets, churches, schools, transportation
facilities and the use of health facilities on the Ugandan side by Congolese. The District mapped a total of 11 Sub counties as high-risk locations with 25 health facilities
based on population mobility assessment, which includes: health facilities frequented by Congolese population, location hosting refugees proximity to the affected area.